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Learn powerful lessons to help you flourish after divorce.

  • Understand the 5 stages of grief as experienced by the divorced heart

  • Process emotional trauma inherent in the dissolution of a marriage

  • Create practical steps toward recovery 

  • Celebrate renewed empowerment


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Author Suzanne Eaglin not only unfolds an amazing story of discovery in Living Victoriously after divorce, but she also provides practical principles that will empower those who too have experienced divorce to live victoriously after.  Although I have not experienced divorce I have experienced major events in my life and I believe a book such as this would have been a life-changing resource.  In addition, as a Pastor and Certified Life Coach, I have experienced divorce through the eyes of others and can truly say this book is one that I will recommend and even give to those men and women who are struggling to regain the victory that belongs to them after divorce. 


- Coach Constance Bivens, Activate Your Life Coaching 


Living Victoriously

After Divorce 

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