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SUZÁNNE EAGLIN's work continues to be focused on uplifting those who suffer from trauma. She is an author, entrepreneur, minister, faith-based motivational speaker, and mentor.  Her 20+ years in law enforcement informs much of her empathy and activism. A survivor of trauma herself, Suzánne has devoted the past 20 years to helping others uproot dysfunction and replace it with healing, power, and love.  Currently, Suzánne is working with veterans who have suffered traumatic brain injuries and PTSD. She is proud to have published Living Victoriously after Divorce, a tool she uses to empower divorcees and those who love them.  Suzánne is a loving mother and grandmother.

I wrote this book with total transparency – out of my own agony, from my personal experience with divorce. I know firsthand that divorce yields loneliness, isolation, and hopelessness. I once felt lost. I once felt deep pain. Many of my days were marked by rejection, uncertainty, and despair. But I made the conscious choice to be happy, the choice to live my best life. I crawled out of the darkness and am standing today in a place of purpose, power, and joy overflowing. With God’s strength I took back my power, and I believe you can too. So I want to share my victory with you.


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