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SUZÁNNE EAGLIN's work continues to be focused on uplifting the downtrodden. An author, entrepreneur, minister, and motivational speaker, her eleven-year career in law enforcement informs much of her empathy and activism. A survivor of trauma herself, Suzánne has devoted the past eighteen years to helping others uproot dysfunction and replace it with healing, power, and love. Currently, she serves as a board member for Pomona Neighborhood Center inc. while thriving as an active mother to her beloved son. She is proud to be publishing her first book, Living Victoriously after Divorce. 

I wrote this book with total transparency – out of my own agony, from my personal experience with divorce. I know firsthand that divorce yields loneliness, isolation, and hopelessness. I once felt lost. I once felt deep pain. Many of my days were marked by rejection, uncertainty, and despair. But I made the conscious choice to be happy, the choice to live my best life. I crawled out of the darkness and am standing today in a place of purpose, power, and joy overflowing. With God’s strength I took back my power, and I believe you can too. So I want to share my victory with you.


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